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UNO is our market leading software program, used by housing and energy professionals to analyse the energy performance of housing stocks. Powerful, versatile and easy to use, UNO is an energy database with inbuilt energy calculation capability. It can hold, manage and analyse the energy data on hundreds of thousands of individual properties at the touch of a button, producing reliable and detailed results – not just estimates based on archetypes. UNO takes the data now available from EPCs and other sources and puts local authorities and green deal providers in the driving seat – able to make well-informed plans and gain ECO and Carbon Communities funds for their areas. Find out more here.

New social housing clients

Sanctuary Housing and Wakefield District Housing are our latest clients to gain the benefits of using UNO.  Driven by the need to meet the Government's fuel poverty targets, they will now be using the UNO database to target homes below band C for improvements.  For more information on how you could use UNO to do this, please see here.

Cutting The Cost Of Keeping Warm

The Government's current strategy for targetting fuel poor homes in England can be found in Cutting the Cost of Keeping Warm.  It sets a target of making every home as is practicable achieve FPEER band C or better by 2030.  FPEER stands for the Fuel Poverty Energy Efficiency Rating and is very closely related to SAP, the Standard Assessment Procedure that is used to rate a dwelling's energy efficiency. 

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Case Study

Stockton Borough Council

Having used UNO for many years, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council successfully exploited the huge amount of data available to contribute to their targets of reducing emissions, fuel poverty and improving people's quality of life.

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