UNO was developed to support our work on fuel poverty and carbon reduction on behalf of local authorities, housing associations, eaga, defra, the Scottish Government and others, including our pioneering area based campaign in Northumberland.

Since then, UNO has been used successfully by local authorities, large & small, local authority consortia, organisations working in partnership with local authorities and Warm Zones.

The latest version of UNO is the most powerful and user friendly yet and is supported by our enthusiastic and responsive technical team.

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UNO is used to:

  • Hold, manage and analyse data on large numbers of individual dwellings
  • Produce profile reports to show energy ratings, running costs, CO2 emissions
  • produce data to support bids for funding or partnerships
  • provide data for statistical returns
  • identify households at risk of fuel poverty
  • target streets and areas, to produce address lists, work programmes etc
  • analyse the effect of improvements¬† , price rises and other interventions on levels of¬† fuel poverty and CO2 emissions
  • monitor progress

About UNO

UNO is always being improved and updated, and you will be supplied with new versions as they are developed, keeping you up-to-date with your energy reporting and maintenance requirements.
Our standard license allows you to have 2 users (more if needed), who will also receive initial on-site training, comprehensive user guide, and technical support from our friendly team.


Expert advice and practical help to tackle emissions and fuel poverty in your stock


EPC data

Data on over 1,000,000 EPCs (approximately 10% of the national total) has now been converted by us and used to populate UNO databases for local authorities enhancing their private sector housing data and enabling them to target specific areas.

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